Macrophage M1, the builder of all diseases
and Neopterin is his specific molecular expression

Circulating Monocyte of medullary origin is driven to the site of lesion by inflammation mediators, chemokin (MCP-1), adhesins, integrins.

Along his migration, the Monocyte maturates in inflammatory and histolytic Macrophage M1 which acts at the attrition site level :

But if the chronologically regutaled sequence, detersive cleaning-restoration, is disrupted, Macrophage M1 amplifies inflammatory reponse, mobilise specific immunity generating a chronic inflammation paving the way for all diseases, from diabetes to Alzheimer including coronary artritis and heart failure.

In healthy subject, Macrophage M1, called « patroller », has a reduced physiological activity which is the elimination of senescents and dead cells from necrosis or apoptosis whose presence in healthy tissues generates auto-immune disease, cancer and aging.

Macrophage M1 and neopterin Macrophage M1 represents innate immunity whose mastering is an essential condition to longevity and health in aging.

Neopterin is his exclusive and in the same time specific marker. Its urinary physiological rate in nm/mm creatinin is :

70 < Urinary Neopterin < 130

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