Actions du BDNF

BDNF, Brain Derived Neuro Trophic Factor, is a trophicity and a growth factor of nervous tissue mainly produced by and for brain. During and after a physical effort, muscle stimulates brain BDNF production by releasing myokins including IL-15 (?) and Cathepsin B. BDNF, locally produced in nervous tissue stimulates dendritic activity and synaptic plasticity.

Clinically, it improves mood, cognitive performance and slows down higher cognitive functions impairement in neurodegenerative diseases which are associated with a BDNF decrease.

Crosstalk body to brain, brain to body
Interaction body-brain and BDNF

Elderly subjects with preserved cerebral functions show high levels of BDNF. An increase of BDNF plasma level, induced by an environmental enrichement, physical activity and nutraceutics, is correlated to the improvement of the subject’s overall physiology.

The BDNF level varies depending individuals and its evaluation is completed by two successive determinations realised at defined intervals according to the prescribing physician.

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